Friday, 15 May 2015


My heart skips i beat everytime i see you
Falling for you will be so pious i never knew
So what if this voyage is a wreath
I'll stroll with you till my last breathe..

Dewy-eyed i was confined in dimness and thwart
Abruptly you crawled in with warm steps in my heart
Bade your hands which i sheathe
I'll hold it firmly till my last breathe

The joy that you bring to my life everyday
None can ever compete in any way
You opted to love me leaving rest underneath
I'll admire this till my last breathe

My days changed and so were my nights
I fell in love in between those little fights
There were times when you caused me seethe
Still..i'll love you till my last breathe

You not only loved me but made me love you
Perplexed of our incomplete story, i had days left few
But without any ado you showed faith
Embraced in your arms...i'll take my last breathe